The Hill Tower Screams Series 1
A Novel

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Chapter 1 Rightfully Brilliant ^ Chapter 2 The Luminous Glow ^ Chapter 3 The Semblance Corner ^ Chapter 4 Gallivant Run ^ Chapter 5 Mettlesome ^ Chapter 6 Milk & Honey Gold  ^ Chapter 7 Civility Under The Clouds ^ Chapter 8 Simple Terms ^ Chapter 9 Suppression The Opposition ^ Chapter 10 Swiftly Leaps ^ Chapter 11  In The Name Of God ^ Chapter 12 Markedly Great ^ Chapter 13 From Old Words ^ Chapter 14 Rearward Fame ^ Chapter 15 The Hidden Trails ^  

Masquerade Close-up

:In  around a year leading on a grand legacy. Very newsworthy with tremendous power,and passion. This out being above all weakens the unimaginable. There is the war between good, and evil plus temptation. These things emerge almost every day continuously. Under the moon glow in the night sky. The Castle of Hawthorne, and its reign. Over the mountains plus fields. Outlays royalty, between them, and other empires. """""For more read on:

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Pages: 242
Author: Jaffar Jackson
Published by: Jaffar Jackson


Full Moon Bat





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House in the Woods
Horse in Stable
White Horse
Old Castle


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