In around a year leading on a grand legacy. Very newsworthy with tremendous power, and passion. This out being above all weakens the unimanable. There is the war between good, and evil plus temptation. These things emege almost everyday continuously. Under the moon glow in the night sky. The Castle of Hawthorne, and its reign. Over the mountains plus fields. Outlays royalty, between them, and other empires. Fantasies are made real, with told tales of. Mystery origins Plus who rule over the earth. Not being moral enough! How about being very persuasive, in the messages. Parties, and traditional gatherings. Give off light to the ancient world. As far most as they know it. This world is plagued by hand to hand combat. Knife, and sharp sword, warlords. Who linger, in plus out of the trails. For the fellow countrymen, and the ghost invaders. There are royal secrets, hidden deep away. Plus unknown treasures, in the ancient backwoods.    

The Hill Tower Screams Series 1 ..))((.. E-book ..))((..